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Diabetes Education

 1-on-1 coaching to help you master the foundations of health, heal the root causes of disease and learn how to manage your diabetes through a holistic lens.


experienced guide

T1D is unlike any other chronic condition. Until you've lived with it, it's hard to understand it's complexities. Nick has 20 years experience living with the highs and lows of diabetes himself.



From the food in your pantry to the shoes on your feet, true health means addressing every aspect of you & your life, including your diabetes care.


Root Cause

Rather than just trying to chase perfect blood sugars, we take a root cause approach to T1D by addressing the deeper issues in the body, to help you heal from the inside, out.

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foundations first 

Addressing lifestyle, movement and nutrition is the first step of any health plan. Building a solid foundation of healthy habits will make your diabetes care easier than ever before. 


Helping you be a healthier human, so your diabetes treatment gets easier.



Free 15 minute call with Nick to help you decide which package is right for you.


Single Session

A 60 Minute one-to-one consult to ask questions, troubleshoot your diabetes care or build a wellness plan.


3 Month Program

3 months of sessions with Nick to help you dive deep into EVERY aspect of your health, and learn to see your diabetes through a completely new lens. 

You will Learn:

Organic Vegetables


How to nourish your body through balanced meals and quality food/water

Stressed Woman

Mindset & Stress

How to optimize your mindset around your diabetes diagnosis and manage stressors

Sleeping Baby

Sleep & Recovery

How to improve sleep hygeine and calm your nervous system

Image by kike vega

Exercise & Movement

How to build healthy, sustainable movement habits to carry you though life

Image by Robert Lukeman

Connection to Nature

How to tune your body back into nature through grounding, sunlight, and more. 

Community Garden


How to find your tribe of like minded people to grow with and heal with


Health Advocate

How to advocate for your health when working with doctors

Man Doing Blood Test

Diabetes Care

How to solve confusing diabetes issues around insulin dosing, carb ratios, basal rates, etc.

Complex Physiology

How to better understand the physiology of the body as it relates to diabetes

"Jordan benefited from working with Nick tremendously! Being guided by a professional who is enthusiastic, energetic, smart and relatable was so valuable…Jordan's attitude and self-image seemed to improve a great deal as a result of his relationship with Nick."  

Mother of Jordan K (Age 17)

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