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About nick 

Integrative Health Practitioner


Hi, I'm Nick. I'm a passionate educator, coach and the founder of Blueprint Wellness. My story began with years of struggle with multiple chronic illnesses. At my worst, I had over 12 chronic diagnoses including; POTS, Type 1 Diabetes, Hashimotos, EDS, parasite/fungal infections, lymes disease, mast cell activation syndrome, mold toxicity and depression/anxiety. After years of being severely debilitated with tons of "mystery symptoms," and working with some of the best holistic doctors and practitioners who weren't able to help me, I was truly sick of being sick.


Funny enough, being severely sick was the best gift I could've ever received. If I hadn't been knocked out with illness, I never would've been forced to change my habits, and make an important shift in the way I thought about health.


Everything changed when I began focusing on cultivating wellness, rather than treating my diseases. I decided to completely disregard any diagnoses or labels, and embark on a mission of learning what a healthy human eats like, moves like, looks like, acts like, thinks like and functions like…. and cultivating habits and practices that would get me there.


And now after going on that journey myself, I have devoted my life to becoming the holistic practitioner I needed during my toughest health trials & tribulations.

I'm now blessed to be able to guide others on their journey to health, utilizing a unique blend of holistic and clinical approaches to facilitate real, deep healing for those who are also sick of being sick. I'm not simply after helping you "relieve your symptoms" My goal is to help you cultivate real health, evolve out of disease and grow into the person you were made to be. 


ACSM Board Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist & Personal Trainer


Certified Integrative Health Practicioner

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Board Certified Structural Integrator


Board Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist 


CHEK Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coach


Original Strength Movement Restoration Professional


FSMTB Liscenced Massage therapist


EBFA Barefoot Training Specialist


Cellcore Practicioner

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