Meet nick 

Health and Movement Educator

Nick is a 22-year-old exercise physiologist, personal trainer, and integrative health practicioner with a passion for helping others get back to their roots, move better and feel their best through holistic practices. 

Living with type 1 diabetes since age 4 has given Nick a strong appreciation for his health, driven him towards his passion for holistic wellness, and cultivated his drive to help others heal.


Nick has devoted his life to studying anything and everything integrative health including functional medicine, nutrition, human movement, corrective exercise, diabetes education, manual therapy and ancient medical practices such as Chinese, ayurvedic and naturopathy. 

"After spending my entire life with a chronic illness and watching others around me suffer from terrible health issues, I became fed up with our current "health"care system and came to discover it wasn't really about health at all. 

As a human being, your body, mind and spirit were beautifully designed for health and longevity as your birthright. Yet, the conventional model of "health" has driven us far from our biological blueprint and in doing so, triggered a slow and progressive poisoning of just that: The body, mind and spirit. 

The way we live our lives in modern society is toxic. Everything we do, from the food we put in our mouths to the shoes we wear on our feet, have led us to the poor state of health we face in the world today.

Learning this at an early age, lit a fire in me and taught me that true healing begins with getting back to that biological blueprint. Blueprint wellness is the culmination of all I've spent my life learning, with the goal of helping others reach their optimal health, to spread the truth and help this world heal.

- Nick Kundrat

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