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About nick 

Integrative Health Practitioner


Hello! My name is Nick, and I’m an integrative health practitioner, writer and diabetes educator.

My journey in health began with a startling diagnosis of type 1 diabetes at age four, followed by many years of grappling with chronic health conditions. At my lowest point, I had over 12 chronic disease diagnoses and was barely able to function. Despite working with some of the best doctors, both traditional and holistic, I found little relief and was truly sick of being sick.

However, being so unwell turned out to be a profound blessing. My illness forced me to change my habits and rethink my approach to health. Through this transformative journey, I learned invaluable lessons that led me to become a practitioner myself.

The turning point came when I shifted my focus from treating diseases to cultivating overall health. I disregarded diagnoses and labels, instead learned how a healthy human being eats, moves, thinks, and functions. By gradually adopting the habits and practices that promote true health, I overcame my chronic conditions. Now, I am dedicated to being the holistic practitioner I needed during my toughest times, and helping you avoid the mistakes I made.

My background encompasses various areas of health, including exercise physiology, health coaching, osteopathic manual therapy, functional medicine, and diabetes education. Most importantly, I understand what it's like to not feel your best—I’ve been there, and I’ve lived it.

Today, I am thrilled to guide you on your journey back to health, utilizing both holistic and clinical approaches. My goal is not merely to relieve your symptoms or manage your blood sugars with medication, but to help you cultivate genuine health, evolve out of disease, and grow into the person you were meant to be.


ACSM Board Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist & Personal Trainer


Certified Integrative Health Practicioner

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Board Certified Structural Integrator


Board Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist 


CHEK Institute Holistic Lifestyle Coach


Original Strength Movement Restoration Professional


FSMTB Liscenced Massage therapist


Cellcore Practitioner


Tai Chi for Health Instructor

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