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A Chronic Care revolution

"We do NOT treat the diseases that people have; We coach the people who have acquired disease(s) to a state of health."


My name is Nick Kundrat

I'm a passionate author, coach & educator helping redefine healthcare.

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To empower individuals dealing with chronic diseases and pain by offering personalized, holistic care. We aim to address both the structure and function of the body, providing comprehensive support to restore health from the inside and out.


To redefine healthcare by prioritizing real healing over symptom management. We empower clients to become active agents in their healing journey, fostering lasting wellness through personalized care and holistic approaches.


What sets us apart?

Structure + Function

Most practitioners focus on either the structure of the body (chiropractic, physical therapy) or the function (functional medicine, coaching). Nick combines both  for a truly holistic approach.

Clinical + Integrative

Nick comes from the clinical world of health, working in hospitals and clinics, so has an understanding of the "western" side of health. But when that didn't cut it, he dove deep into understanding holistic health, Bringing you the best of both worlds. 

Patient + Practitioner

Nick didn't just learn things from a book to regurgitate it back to you. He has pulled himself from the depths of chronic illness utilizing the methods he teaches, so he knows exactly what you're going through. 

Specializing in...


Hands on Healing

Restoring the structure and movement of the body is an important piece of the healing puzzle. Nick brings years of manual & movement therapy experience to his clients. 

Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes Education

Nick has 21 years of experience living with T1D himself, so he knows the struggles of life with a chronic illness, and is here to help you heal.

Sliced Avocado

Foundational Health

True healing begins with strong foundations. Nick will help you build healthy habits, eat well, sleep soundly and rebuild you health from the ground up.

Image by Felix Mittermeier

Root Cause Wellness

Nick has experience helping both himself and his clients heal the root causes of mold toxicity, chronic infections, autoimmunity and Lyme disease

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