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Are you ready to restore your energy, heal chronic illness and conquer chronic pain?


Your Blueprint

You weren't made to be sick. You were made to live a vibrant life full of energy and free of symptoms. Your blueprint is health and vitality, yet the way we live in the modern world has pulled us far from that. Its time to take control of your health again, and get back to your original design. 

Using Glucometer at Home
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Jordan K.

Nick was a great coach.  He is always positive and nice to be around and really helped me figure out what I needed to change to get my hormones in check and stabilize my blood sugar.It's also nice having the ability to rant to someone who understands the everyday struggles of living with type one...

Smiling Girl

Kylee W.

After Diving deep into the foundations of health with Nick (more nourishing food, play, rest & recovery, movement, etc.) my blood sugars are more stable than ever! Funny enough we didn't even focus on insulin dosing or carb counting at all...

Smiling Young Woman

Christina K

Not only does Nick help me address the problem, but he goes in-depth and helps me figure out WHY the problem is occurring. His hands on approach helped me get out of pain and his movement education helped me STAY out of pain when I was done seeing him for sessions.

Overcome your diagnosis

Specializing in...


Hands on Healing

Restoring the structure and movement of the body is an important piece of the healing puzzle. Nick brings years of manual & movement therapy experience to his clients. 

Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes Education

Nick has 21 years of experience living with T1D himself, so he knows the struggles of life with a chronic illness, and is here to help you heal.

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Foundational Health

True healing begins with strong foundations. Nick will help you build healthy habits, eat well, sleep soundly and rebuild you health from the ground up.

Image by Felix Mittermeier

Root Cause Wellness

Nick has experience helping both himself and his clients heal the root causes of mold toxicity, chronic infections, autoimmunity and Lyme disease

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