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Positively Type 1

The book that helps people with Type 1 Diabetes break through their limiting beliefs about their diagnosis

Diabetes, but through a positive lens.

Most diabetes education resources today talk about what you will lose living with type 1 diabetes. Positively Type 1 goes in depth about what you will gain.


Understand all the incredible skills youll master living with this condition.

Character Traits

Learn all the incredible traits that living with diabetes gives you, making you a better version of yourself.


Hear from other young people who have been able to thrive while living with diabetes.

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Ginger Vieira
Author of Dealing with Diabetes Burnout & Pregnancy with Type 1 Diabetes

This book is the in-depth reminder we all need that we're not alone in the daily challenges of T1D, combined with tons of real-life knowledge and tips. A must-read for anyone looking to improve how they think and do type 1 diabetes

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Gary Scheiner
Owner & Clinical Director, Integrated Diabetes Services & Author of "Think Like A Pancreas"

If there's one thing we need in today's world, it's POSITIVITY.  There's no shortage of it in. Nick Kundrat's writing. His sense of humor and down-to-earth approach sets a great tone for thriving with diabetes

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Dr. Jody Stanislaw
Type 1 Diabetes Specialist
Virtual Telemedicine practitioner

 Nick puts the spotlight on the MANY admirable traits that those of us living daily with type 1 share. This book provides a needed and much healthier perspective than the thoughts of fear and pity that are too often portrayed. 

Positively Type 1 Book

Positively Type 1 Book

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