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Movement & Manual Therapy

A Holistic combination of manual therapy and therapeutic exercise to help align your structure and restore your movement patterns


Structural Wellness

Instead of treating individual aches, pains and symptoms we aim to make your entire STRUCTURE more aligned, optimizing your overall health.

Hands-on approach

Deep myofascial release, paired with targeted therapeutic exercise techniques help to re-educate your nervous system and make lasting change in your body.

Empowered Healing

Teaching you to use your body properly, and equipping you with take-home exercises helps empower you to take your healing into your own hands. 


Postural Restoration

Restoring length and strength to your deep core muscles will help to decompress your joints, improve poor postural patterns and leave you standing a little taller every session. 


Everyone deserves to be pain-free and at home in their bodies. 


1 Session

The perfect introduction to movement and manual therapy. This includes one 90-minute session consisting of posture & movement assessment, treatment, and movement education.


3 Series

Perfect for someone wanting to experience the benefit of multiple sessions, without committing to a 10 series. This includes three sessions addressing the whole body.


10 Series

Perfect for someone looking to get the full MMT experience. This includes ten sessions, each building on the next to systematically organize the body and create lasting change.

What are the benefits?

Fitness Exercise

Body Awareness

Improved awareness of your body, your movement and how you feel day-to-day.

Taking an Exam

Movement Education

You will learn how to use your body in the modern world while sitting, standing, driving, etc. 

Physical therapy on leg

Ease of Movement

MMT helps re-teach the body to move with less restriction, helping you feel better moving through life. 

Relaxing in Park

Calm Nervous System

While the main goal of MMT is not relaxation, clients nearly always leave feeling relaxed and rejuvinated.

Hands Clasped in Yoga Posture

Improved Posture

Improved alignment of the body often leaves one feeling taller and moving more effieicntly.


Less Pain

Helping you get back to doing what you love, free of debhilitating pain.

"This work is like physical therapy, but way more holistic. We worked on optimizing the basics like breathing, walking, sitting and I was able to feel parts of my body I had never felt before in just one session!"

Christina K. (Age 22)

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