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Corporate wellness

Personalized Consulting & workshops to help keep your employees healthy and pain-free, and keep your business thriving

Postural & Ergonomic consulting

How shifting your workspace, desk setup, chair setup, and more can increase productivity, decrease pain and help you leave work feeling good! 

Foundations of wellness in the workplace

Consulting & workshops focused on health basics: eating, breathing, moving, stress management, de-toxifying the workplace, rest, etc. 

Restorative Movement Class

Gentle movements to help restore your bodies natural blueprint of movement, which is often damaged by modern societies work environments

Holistic Anatomy

With a focus on combining advanced western anatomy with ancient eastern energetic anatomy, our holistic anatomy workshops are perfect for yoga studios, gyms, bodyworkers, and more.



Free 15 minute call with Nick to help you decide which option is right for you.

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