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The mission

Help you rebalance your body...

Inside and out

Your Blueprint

As a human being, your body, mind, and spirit were beautifully designed for health and longevity as your birthright.

Modern Society

Modern living has driven us far from our biological blueprint and triggered a slow and progressive poisoning of just that: The body, mind, and spirit. ​


We help you balance your inner and outer worlds to set you on a path towards true healing. 

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The Blueprint Philosophy

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The Vision

Blend conventional & Holistic wisdom to shift societies definition of health-care

What Sets Us Apart?


Providing you with the tools and knowledge to understand your body, recognize signs/symptoms and find the true root cause of your health challenges. 


Through combining cutting edge western technology with ancient eastern wisdom and philosophy, we aim to bring you the best of all healing modalities and health practices. 


 Rather than making you reliant on treatment for relief from pain or symptoms, we aim to empower you to change the way you live, heal yourself and bring health to every aspect of your life.

Meet the foundeR:

Nick Kundrat CEP

Integrative Health Practitioner

Founder of Blueprint Wellness

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