Our mission:

Helping you restore your innate blueprint of health and longevity 

The Philosophy

Health is a delicate balance between

structure & Function 

Spending your life sedentary, stuck in poor posture and moving the body incorrectly imparts structural stress on the body.


Over time, this external stress, leads to internal stress, causing poor metabolic and hormonal health.


In other words, poor structure leads to poor function.

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As a human being, your body, mind, and spirit were beautifully designed for health and longevity as your birthright.

Yet, the way we live in modern society has driven us far from our biological blueprint and in doing so, triggered a slow and progressive poisoning of just that: The body, mind and spirit. ​

In other words:


Blueprint wellness believes that getting back to your biological blueprint, shedding your limiting beliefs, finding the root cause of your health issues and addressing them naturally are the keys to restoring your birthright of health and longevity. 

Poor nutrition, lack of recovery, and environmental toxins create immense internal stress within your body.


Your body must find a way to protect itself, so it changes your structure (posture and movement) to protect your most vulnerable parts.


In other words, poor function leads to poor posture.

We help you find that balance through movement, bodywork and integrative health coaching.

Image reproduced with permission from IntegrativeHealthPractitioner.org.

What Sets Us Apart?

Root Cause


Instead of covering up symptoms, we aim to help you find the root cause of your pain or health issue, and take a true holistic approach to address it. 



Rather than making you reliant on treatment for relief from pain or symptoms, we aim to empower you to change the way you live, heal yourself, and bring health into every aspect of your life.

Integrative Approach

We combine new age western biomedical technology with ancient eastern wisdom and philosophy, to bring you the best of all healing modalities and health practices. 

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