Structural bodywork

Structural bodywork combines manual therapy with movement education to help align your body so you can function better in gravity, and reach new levels of health & well-being


Structural wellness

Instead of treating individual aches, pains
and symptoms we aim to make your entire
STRUCTURE more aligned, optimizing your
overall health.


Hands-on approach

Slow, deep
bodywork from the practitioner, coupled with
movements from the client help shift the connective tissue of the body and re-educate
your nervous system.


Better Posture = Better Health

Not only does aligning the structure help with posture, but you may experience:

improved body awareness, smoother movement, less pain, and an overall sense of ease in your body


Mind/Body Clarity

Your posture is a physical reflection of who you are as a person. If we can work to change your posture, its not uncommon to see big shifts mentally, emotionally, behaviorally & spiritually.