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What is the MoveMentality?

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Much of what we spend our day to day doing is not necessarily ideal for our health. There are plenty of factors at play here; from the food we eat, to the screens we look at, to the minimal amount of sunlight we get. But the most important, arguably, is movement. 

In a society where comfort is put above all else, most of us don’t move as much as we should. Have you ever struggled with nagging aches and pains? Injuries that just won’t seem to go away? Do you spend the majority of your day hunched over a computer? Lots of our body’s systems rely on movement to work properly. And when we aren’t moving, our bodies can’t properly function. 

We work sitting in office chairs. We watch tv on cushy couches. We read a book in our favorite armchair. We sit around the table and drink with our friends. While these actions are comfortable and familiar, being parked in the same positions all day wears away at us physiologically and begins to take away the mind-body connections that make us who we are. This sedentary lifestyle is also part of what causes those aches, pains, weaknesses, and instability that plague most of the population.

Much of the culture of health and fitness makes us believe that unless we are spending hours in the gym or on the field, we cannot reach optimal health. However, this could not be further from the truth! Rather than spending an hour at the gym moving and the rest of the day sitting, why not incorporate movement into your entire day? It’s easy, free, feels great and is great for you. This is the core of the MoveMentality. GYBF is here to help you utilize this new mindset and introduce you to a pain-free lifestyle. 

Put simply, movement is medicine and lucky for you, you don’t have to be in a gym setting to be healthy. For many of us, overworking ourselves in the gym, causing days of aches and pains is the norm. For others, not moving at all is typical. Just remember, any movement is good movement.

The MoveMentality was built upon the blueprint of movement that lies deep within your brain. As babies, we have this blueprint readily available, which is why we naturally know to breathe correctly, lead our movements with our eyes, and crawl fluidly. The sedentary lifestyle we touched upon earlier moves us away from that blueprint.

Lucky for you, you can work your way back to that child-like movement efficiency! GYBF utilizes different movement and neurological stimulation techniques known as “The Resets.” The Resets will help to reconnect those weakened brain-body connections, make you stronger, increase your mobility and allow you to lead a pain-free life. 

Becoming an optimal mover WILL take time. Be patient, keep breathing and stay persistent. Applying the MoveMentality to your life will bring you unbelievable benefits, and trust me, once you adopt this new mindset, it will be hard to imagine a time when you weren’t following the MoveMentality.

**This blog was written for and published by Got Your Back Foundation Non-Profit. See original link below:

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