What is Body-Minded Therapy?

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Ida Rolf PhD, brilliant Bio-chemist and bodyworker said that "The body is the hologram of the being" and "The body is the “I” in 3D form."

Our conventional medical paradigm likes to employ the idea that the mind and body are somehow separate entities. That our bodies are just a transportation vessel for "what really makes us human" our big brains. Even in the natural health world, it's commonplace to hear ideas about having "out of body experiences" and how our bodies are just a vessel for the spirit.

Yet, We are one interconnected organism.

You could spend your entire career breaking the human being into its separate parts and studying them each. Yet a true "holistic" view of the body means looking at the body, mind, soul, and spirit together as one beautiful, graceful entity,

Your body is how you show up.

It's how you present to the world. It also tells a lot about how you are functioning. Your posture, your skin, your body language, your energy, and your symptoms all paint a vivid picture of your being on a physiological, emotional, and spiritual level.

With that being said... What are body-minded therapies?

Therapies focused on:

  • Moving the body (corrective exercise and restorative movement)

  • Touching the body (structural bodywork & manual therapy)

  • Rebalancing the body (through lifestyle changes, nutrition, stress management, and supplementation)

In other words, changing the physical to affect:

  • The structure of your body (posture & movement)

  • The function of your body (physiological/psychological/emotional/spiritual)

Put simply, body-minded therapy means giving your body what it needs, whether that be access to new movement patterns, freeing stuck tissue, or nourishment through food, rest, mindset, and supplements so that the body can rebalance and heal itself.

I am in no way healing you, but through body-minded therapy, I am helping to give your body (and mind) what it needs so that YOU can do the healing!

If you're interested in movement therapy, structural bodywork, or holistic health coaching through Blueprint Wellness, don't hesitate to reach out at the "CONTACT" page above.

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