Turmeric Golden Milk Latte (GF/V/Paleo)

I am a HUGE coffee guy. I worked as a barista on and off for the last few years and can get down with a delicious espresso drink. However, I DO NOT metabolize caffeine well. Any amount of caffeine, whether it be from decaf coffee or black tea sends me into cold sweats. This is really unfortunate, as I truly do enjoy the taste and aroma of coffee.

So Im forced to be creative and find alternative beverages. My favorite, without a doubt, is Golden Milk. It sounds weird, I know, but Golden Milk is a delicious drink, originating in India that combines anti-inflammatory spices with creamy milk and just a touch of sweetness, without the harsh caffeine. Perfect for any time of day, this recipe for iced golden milk latte is sure to become a summer favorite.




Non-Dairy Milk (Almond, Coconut, Cashew, etc.) - fill your shaker halfway or more

Maple Syrup - a little more than a splash

Vanilla Extract - just a splash

Turmeric - a hefty amount of shakes

Ground Ginger - a few shakes

Black Pepper - a few shakes

Cinnamon - a hefty amount of shakes

1. Combine all ingredients into shaker bottle

2. Shake Vigerously

3. Pour mixture over Ice

4. Serve


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