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Tackling anxiety in our Dynamic Society

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Anxiety/depression has become quite the hot topic lately. It seems like everyone suffers from some form of it, to some degree. It seems to be the new norm. @Physiologyfirst explained it best with this analogy:

Imagine there was no more water and all we could drink was coffee. we’d all be pretty anxious right? This would be an appropriate physiological response. Now imagine this was labelled a “psychological disorder” and we were all put on drugs for it. This is what millions of students plugged into a constant data stream are dealing with”

Technology in society today is like the coffee… Our brains and nervous systems are constantly stimulated: notifications, screens, lights, videos, tweets, articles, emails, FaceTimes….. it never stops.

There’s a reason that youth anxiety is at an all time high. Anxiety is our bodies natural response to severe stress, and when we are slaves to this never-ending stream of data that our bodies weren’t made to handle, our bodies are constantly under stress. Couple that with all the other stresses of life and it becomes even worse.

The amazing tech we have today is an absolute blessing and makes life amazingly easy, yet it causes heaps of issues and can waste lots of time. Think of all the amazing things you could spend your time doing instead of scrolling through your phone. Your parents, grandparents and all your ancestors before them did without much tech and did just fine, and so can you.

These tips may seem tough to follow. It may seem tough to change your habits. it may be out of the norm, but when the norm is anxiety and depression, something needs to change… try these tips and Be. More. Human.

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