Healthy-ish Edible Chickpea Cookie Dough (V/GF)

I love cookie dough as much as the next guy, but obviously there are a few drawbacks to eating traditional highly-processed chocolate chip dough from the shelves at the grocery store. So I set out on a mission to make a dough that 1. was made of all-natural ingredients 2. Was Healthy-Ish 3. I didn't feel bad eating and 4. My whole family could eat, meaning Vegan and gluten-free. It took a few tries to nail down the perfect consistency and perfect ingredients list, but chickpeas were the catalyst that made it happen. I What I've landed on I think is an absolute WINNER and something that I can't put down once I start eating. Perfect for the summer! Read below to make your own bowl.




2 cans Chickpeas (Rinsed/Drained)

1/3 cup Nut butter (almond turns out best in my opinion)

2 tsp vanilla extract

6 tbsp Oat Flour (can grind oats in food processor rather than buying oat flour itself)

1/3 cup maple syrup

11/2 tbsp coconut sugar

Sea Salt


- Chocolate Chips

- Nuts

- Coconut

- Raisins

- Anything else you can put in a cookie :)

1. Combine chickpeas, nut butter, vanilla, oat flour, maple, coconut sugar and 4 grinds of sea salt to the food processor

2. Process until a smooth, doughy consistency

3. Transfer to a bowl, add 4 more grinds of sea salt and optional add-in's

4. Cover bowl, leave in fridge overnight (I know its hard to wait but if you eat it right now its much too warm, will taste more like hummus than cookie dough)

5. Eat with a spoon!

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