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Benefits of Holistic Care

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

**This blog was written for and published by Got your Back Foundation Non-profit. See original link below:

Tired of just being fed medication after medication or pain relievers and sleep aids every day? Want to get to the ROOT of your health issues and empower yourself to take your health into your own hands? 

Then holistic health care is for you. 

The term holistic refers to the “whole person” and treats the body as an entire system rather than a collection of different issues or problems. This type of care means addressing everything about a person, including their body, environment, lifestyle and emotions.  Holistic health care is often in contrast with western medicine, which falls under a “reductionist” model, which reduces an illness or disease down to its smallest part and treats that issue, rather than treating the system as a whole.

For example, type 2 diabetes is formed when a person’s body becomes resistant to the hormone insulin. Insulin is responsible for helping control blood sugar and is a hormone that our body makes naturally. In order to treat this condition, a doctor may prescribe insulin injections to help control blood sugar levels. This approach would follow the reductionist model as doctors are prescribing medication to treat an issue that the diabetes is causing, but doing nothing to address the cause of diabetes itself. 

A holistic or functional medicine approach falls under a “systems biology” model. This model involves taking an integrative approach and applying the interconnectedness of the body combined with lifestyle therapy to treat the patient.

A holistic approach to treating diabetes may include medication, but would focus on lifestyle changes, such as improving nutrition and exercise habits and providing the patients with the tools and support to carry out those changes. In other words, treating the cause rather than the symptoms of your ailment. In turn, this empowers the patient to take their health into their own hands. 

So what are some of the biggest benefits of Holistic healthcare? Let’s take a look: 

  1. Optimizing wellness: For many people, the definition of being “healthy” is to not be sick. However not having any ailments doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re feeling your best. We should strive for our best in everything we do, especially with our health. A holistic practitioner should have your best interest in mind, and rather than just treat the symptoms you’re facing, should work with you to rid you of your ailments and strive for your optimal health. This means helping to increase  your energy, improve your sleep and ensure you feel your absolute best. 

  2. Future Success: While your trips to the doctor’s office may have provided you with temporary relief, have they set you up for success down the road? The wonder of holistic care is that in closely looking at every facet of your life, we can work to build health from the ground up through your environment, your companions, your diet and your movement. Effectively changing your overall lifestyle, to promote health now and for years to come

  3. Save Money: For many of us, our prescriptions continue to build and we see little to no improvement in our health or our finances. All those medications can be quite expensive, especially buying them month after month just to keep you functioning. 

Many people do not know that America is one of the only wealthy industrialized nations without universal healthcare. Many are paying out of pocket costs for medications that may not even be necessary once given proper integrative medical care to address the true issues they face. Working with a holistic practitioner can allow you to treat your ailments naturally and reduce your need for expensive medication. 

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