utilizing cutting-edge functional medicine technology, we will help you find the true root cause of your health challenges, and address them from the inside and out

Root cause

Helping you find & address the root cause of your issues, rather than cover up symptoms.


From the food in your pantry to the shoes on your feet, true health means addressing every aspect of you & your life.


Western medical advancements

Rather than disregard western medicine, we embrace its amazing advancements through functional medicine lab testing

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Ancient eastern

Time-tested practices from holistic medical systems such as Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, combined with western advancements to heal the mind & body as a whole.


Lab Testing

Why take an integrative approach?

Have you ever talked with your doctor about balancing the yin and yang of your life? How about your dreams and aspirations? How about your childhood traumas? All of these are VITAL parts of becoming your best self, yet in traditional western medicine are rarely discussed. This is where integrative health coaching comes in. In no way are we looking to replace your primary care physician, we are just looking to help balance all aspects of your life, as naturally as possible!

What is Root Cause Wellness?

you go to the doctor with a symptom, they diagnose you with a disease or syndrome, they prescribe you a medicine for that disease or syndrome, youre likely on that medication for the rest of your life. Sound familiar? Most health practicioners are just covering up symptoms rather than finding WHY the symptom is there in the first place! Root cause wellness means finding and addressing those root causes to help you truly heal, rather than just put a band-aid on your symptoms.

Why should I lab test?

"Dont guess, test!" With the amazing technological advancements in functional medicine, we can literally take a look inside the body through simple, at home laboratory tests. These tests provide invaluable data about every aspect of your health, from your hormones to, heavy metals, to gut bacteria, to parasites, to everything in between. Lab tests help you find the true ROOT CAUSE of your health challenges, rather than guessing.

How much do labs cost?

This depends on which lab(s) you are taking. The data youll receive is invaluable, and an investment in your health is always worth while!

How do I do lab tests at home?

Lab tests will either be saliva based (spit in a tube), blood based (prick your finger and collect blood drops), stool based (scoop your poop into a test tube) or urine based (pee in a cup)