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utilizing cutting-edge biomedical technology, we help you find the true root cause of your health challenges, and address them from the inside and out


Root cause

Lab testing can help you find & address the root cause of your issues, rather than cover up symptoms.


Painting a picture of your health

Labs & bloodwork can equip you with information about your gut health, nutrition, hormones, toxicities, imbalances and more.


Affordable & Science-backed

Functional blood testing is affordable and backed by years of scientific research. 

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From the comfort of your home

State-of-the-art labs can be shipped right to your door, to be completed from the comfort & privacy of your own home.


Lab Options

Preparation for Blood Test

Bloodwork Analysis

The most affordable, bang-for-your-buck option. Just like your normal blood draw at quest or labcorp, but through a holistic lens.

Healthy Food

Food Sensitivity Test

This blood test helps to solve your food-based health mysteries by testing your sensitivity to 190 common foods. 

Vitamins and pills

Candida, Metabolic & Vitamins Test

This urine test measures how well your digestive system and energy production systems are functioning, and helps us rule out yeast/bacteria in the gut. 

Rock Rubble

Minerals & Metals Test

The HTMA test measures your mineral levels, including electrolytes as well as potential heavy metal toxicity. 

Hands Holding Fish

Omega 3 & Inflammation Test 

This blood test measures your level of systemic inflammation & cardiovascular health based on Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids.

Stressed Man

Stress, Mood & Metabolism Test

This saliva/blood test measures your level of thyroid hormones, Vitamin D, and Adrenal hormones.

Image by Viktor Forgacs

Gut Bacteria & Parasite Test

This stool test measures the balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut, as well as tests for a parasite infection.

Sleeping with Eye Mask

Stress, Sleep & Hormones Test

This saliva test measures hormones and markers associated with stress, fatigue and adrenal gland function. 


Vitamin D Test

This simple blood test measures your vitamin D levels, an important hormone for mood, mineral balance and overall health.  

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