“If there's one thing we need in today's world, it's POSITIVITY.  There's no shortage of it in

Nick Kundrat's writing. His sense of humor and down-to-earth approach sets a great tone for thriving with diabetes.” 


- Gary Scheiner MS, CDE

Owner & Clinical Director, Integrated Diabetes Services

Author, "Think Like A Pancreas"

2014 Diabetes Educator of the Year

Who's this book for?:

If you are newly diagnosed, a parent of a child with type 1, a healthcare provider, an experienced type 1, or a friend of a type 1 hopefully this book can give you a new and optimistic mindset about this condition and an appreciation for those that live with it. 

"In short, “Positively Type 1” is the no-fuss roadmap to realizing and embracing that your mental habits and perceptions of living with T1D are a choice, with a huge impact on how it affects your life."

"You weren’t cursed with your diabetes,

you were gifted with it. Use that gift wisely."

Nick Kundrat CEP

Integrative Health Practitioner

Founder of Blueprint Wellness


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